Luke Gaisford took the overall win at the King of the Sand at AJS Motorcycle Club on April 7 with Blake Croonen 2nd Zac Croonen 4th. Next event for the 4TEEN riders will be Gascoyne Dash on the Easter weekend. This is a Desert Race over 400km over 2 days.
4TEEN Industries riders stood on top of the podium 1st Luke Gaisford, 2nd Blake Croonen, 3rd Colin Balshaw at the recent Gascoyne Dash Desert Race

Held over Easter, with Prologue Friday to determine race start order, 16 quads took to the 6km track with Luke Gaisford taking P1 for the Quads and 11th for the Moto section. Zac 7th - 28th, Colin 8th - 29th, Mike 13th - 38th, Blake 16th - 44th

The Dash is 400kms between Carnarvon and Gascoyne Junction. It is a point to point race, Saturday all cars, bikes and Quads head out to Gascoyne Junction over a 3 hour staggered start with 1 minute intervals separating each starter. The bikes have a later start at 11pm, when all the cars are finished. Sunday see's the return journey back to Carnarvon.

The Quad class had 4 different leaders throughout the event, each having their own mechanical problems across the 2 days, but it was Luke who rode into Carnarvon 1st to take the chequered flag.
Gas Dash 2019 was an adventure for the whole team including Family and Friends with none of the boys having done this Desert race before. Michael Croonen secured 7th and Zac Croonen suffered a mechanical dnf on the way to Gascoyne, although fixing the problem, chose not to proceed for the return journey.
Gas Dash 2019
2019 WA MX State Round 1
Coastal Park Henderson
April 28
4TEEN Industries riders had a huge week this week, driving the 2500km round trip to Carnarvon, racing the Gas Dash, and then returning home Tuesday evening, to ready their motocross bikes for state round. Some pretty sore bodies had to be put on the back burner while all energies were concentrated on moving parts bike to bike.
Luke Gaisford celebrated his 150th Senior state round moto while some on the grid where out there for their first.
Results for round 1
Luke Gaisford - 2nd
Zac Croonen - 7th
Blake Croonen - 12th
The day was not without its highlites with the new format of 2 x 10min +1 lap moto's, and a back to back feature of 2 x 3 lap moto's. Being a pretty warm day of 30 + degrees, even though the races were short with just a 5 minute buffer, everyone felt the heat.
With now just 5 weeks til the guys will be travelling to the Finke Desert Race, all training and efforts will be concentrated  on Enduro riding.
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Huge thank you to everyone who has already come onboard for the 2019 Season.
2019 Finke Desert Race
We arrived at Alice Springs on Monday evening after completing the 3500km drive, then an early rise Tuesday and Wednesday doing some pre runs,  bike setup and some more maintenance. We registered at the event office on Tuesday, caught up with some WA people and then enjoyed the street party on Thursday night.
Friday from 4pm was scrutineering where every car and bike were left on display at the start/ finish line for 4 hours for spectators to come and check out over 600 bikes and 150 cars. Trying to leave the complex after it finished was like leaving the Motorplex x 100.  Saturday was prologue and the Quads were up relatively early, just 30 minutes after it started, while some classes had an almost 4 hour wait before their chance on the short 6km prologue track.
Luke Gaisford  qualified 1st in Quads and 59th outright out of approx 600 starters, including all the factory bike teams, so he was pretty happy.
Blake Croonen Qualified 7th in Quads, Zac Croonen 11th in Quads and in Class 10 Quads Michael Croonen Qualified 9th

  Sunday Race to Finke - The top 20 bikes start 1 at a time, then grid 21 of bikes is 5 at a time while Quads start 2 at a time, based on the slower rider from prologues time, so Luke started on the 25th Grid of 133 grids, he stated " it was pretty awesome, the track was great and I got to pass a few bikes and was cruising. The fuel stops were handled by the boys like Pro's and I went onto enjoy the ride to Finke, I saw the 215km marker and at just 11kms to go, the engine gave out without any warnings. I was really disappointed as we had thought we had done everything we could to make the distance, but this wasnt to be. I was in the car on the way back to Alice, which isnt where I was supposed to be, sort of felt like I did practice and didnt get to do the race. On the upside I got to see the track the support crews drive in and out of and the 4.5hour journey back to Alice, so at least got to see what the support crews go through."
Blake Croonen rode consistently well through to Finke, and did the return in a good time to secure 6th. Zac Croonen had a minor problem with a chain. But unfortunatelythe problem couldnt be fixed out on the track, and his race was done.  Michael Croonen has done more Finke races than all the boys and his consistency was rewarded with 6th place in Class 10 Quads
We travelled over 8000kms to Alice Springs and back with 6 days just in the car driving, weve now done over 10 000kms this year to get to two races, and hope to compete in some more desert Races in the near future.
Oct 26 27th we traveled to Kalgoorlie for the 2019 Kalgoorlie Desert Race, held over 375km (3 x 125km laps) and 2 days.
We've spent every hour away from work, prepping the desert quad and training on and off the bike. After the disappointment of Finke,
we double checked everything to give it our best chance to go for the win, we set a goal for a top 10 outright (moto) and with some amazing riders entered in the field of 82 including factory husqvarna riders, it would be a big ask.
Prologue went well with 8th outright, maintaining 9th in lap 1 and 2 and 5th in lap 3, for overall 6th place, and 1st in Quads.
Huge thankyou to my family and friends who came to Kalgoorlie to support me on and off the track, was a really amazing weekend and we hope to go on more adventures in 2020.
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