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4TEEN Industries rider Luke Gaisford won the Australian Open Quad MX Championship on the weekend of Sept 30 Oct 1 at Murray Bridge South Australia. Luke took the Super Pole win for the 2nd year in a row, got 2 holeshots, 4 race wins and one 2nd. Luke rode extremely well over the 5 races, the racing was fierce and competitive and coming out with the win,topped off the weekend. Luke proudly represents his sponsors, and thanks everyone who has helped him in a long season of racing with 2 rounds of the WA Championships (4 wins from 6 races) 4 x Dutch Championship Rounds, 1 Round of European Championship 4th place and Team Australia for QuadCross of Nations in Italy on Sept 23/24th where the team came 6th from 18 countries. He also thanks Dirt Rider Heaven and Ducks Nuts Ride Park for being supportive of his training schedule, The AJS Club, WJMC and Collie MC. he looks forward to a little time off, but knowing Luke he will be out at at a local club this weekend. He commented, he loved meeting so many fantastic, influential and enthusiastic racers this year, Catching up with alot of the Juniors He coached from SA, and seeing youngster Jakob Bosustow fulfil his goal of winning an Australian Junior 250cc Quad MX Championship. Jakob is an exceptional rider and showed all at Murray Bridge the new generation of WA Senior racers is as strong as any other before today.
Luke stated on the podium his huge respect and gratefulness to have such amazing sponsors including, Reiger Suspension, Chambers Group, Motul, RK Chains, West Coast Motorcycles, Advanced Autologic, JC Performance Heads, Oxyfresh, Lonestar Racing, Hardiman ATV, Precision, Mindarie Motorcycles & Rockingham Signwriters. With specific thanks to those behind the scenes Jim Bob, Glen, Dad, Mum, Joe Maesson, Ricardo, Wout, Ingo, Simone, Johan. Wayne for trekking across Europe and to Adelaide which made things so much easier on him. Thanks to The Soltoggios & Bosustows for getting Lukes Bike and gear to SA while he was overseas, and thanks to the Goldfinch family for a full pit set up in SA and having our family at their house over the weekend. Thank you also to all the people who donated to Luke's Fundraising campaign, it was much appreciated and wont ever be forgotten.
Team 4TEEN as a whole is excited to see the enthusiasm of the Junior Racers coming through the ranks, and hearing how they all cant wait for next season and to compete at The 2018 Quad MX Nationals at Collie MC. Western Australia

Sept 17
After 6 long rounds across 6 months and 18 Races, the 2017 season drew to a close at Coastal Park on Sunday. Unlike 2016 the weather and track were supreme and the 4TEEN Industries riders looked forward to winding up the Motocross season before moving to Enduro's and a few fun events.
17 year old Blake Croonen rode amazingly and secured enough points to move from 3rd in the points to take out the runner up position for the Championship. Colin Balshaw finished in 7th, his best finish for a season. Luke Capogreco took 4th for the round, his best finish for 2017
With the 2018 Season a long way from everyones minds, it would be remiss not to mention, that the 2018 Australian Quad MX Championships will be held in Western Australia at the Collie Motorcycle Club. We hope everyone comes out of the woodwork, attends all the events planned for 2018, and makes the Championships a huge success. Quad Riders WA along with the Collie MC will be hosting the event- there FB page is
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Results for the Round
Blake Croonen - 2nd, 2nd, 2nd - Overall 2nd for the Round
Luke Capogreco - 3rd, 5th, 4th - Overall 4th for the round
Colin Balshaw - 8th , 9th, 5th - Overall 7th for the round
Results for the Series
2nd Blake Croonen
7th Colin Balshaw
12th Luke Capogreco (not full season)

Sept 3
WJMC KTM Kid of the Sand
4TEEN Industries Jakob Bosustow raced at the KTM Kid of the sand at Wanneroo Junior MC on the weekend with one of the largest grids of Junior 250's for the season. Jakob took wins in all 3 moto's and 1st for the day. Jakob's next event will be at the Australian ATV Championships which will be held in Murray Bridge SA on the weekend of Sept 30- Oct 1.

estern Australian Motocross Championship
Round 5 – Bunbury
27 August 2017
Round 5 for the WA MX Championship was the Breast Cancer awareness round, with many bikes and riders sporting some pink livery. The 4TEEN Team riders all had their stickers on their bikes and made a team donation to WAMX. The day was perfect weather wise, was really warm, no wind, and track in pristine condition. The team spent most of the day together and caught up after a long break in the season, everyone rode well and celebrated after each moto, with Blake catching alot of attention with holeshots and great finishes. He is in third in the Championship and heads to Coastal Park on Sept 17th just 30 points behind Chris Bosnakis and 6 points behind Shaun Woodhead.
The season winds up for another year in just 3 weeks, get yourselves down to Coastal Park to checkout all the action.
Team Results
Luke Gaisford 1-1-1 overall 1st
Blake Croonen 3-2-2- overall 2nd
Luke Capogreco 6-4-5 overall 5th
Colin Balshaw 10-7-8 overall 8th
Zac Croonen 9-10-10 overall 10th

Jakob Bosusutow report from WA Junior MX Championship
July 23rd at WAJMC
The last state round of the state round series didn't go to plan with a dnf in the first moto after having a convincing lead against the rest of the field until the A-arm snapped and obviously couldn't finish the race, In the second race starting on the practise bike didnt get the best start and being covered in mud and slop by the second corner and battled my way to second and held the position, in the last moto got an alright start and it was a hard an wet ride being stuck behind the number 14 of Josh Mcquade but after a few laps of battling i made my way into the lead and finished in first cover in a thick layer of mud.
I would like to thank everyone who helped me through the year and even though we had some bad luck and didn't get the results we wanted with plenty of mechanicals but thats racing.
Main sponsors and people who supported mr through the year
Mum and dad for everything Sarah & Myles Bosustow
Luke and the 4teen team for all the training, lending parts, helping out on race days.
Bethwyn and Grant for all the jersey printing and stickers thanks again.
T&L performance for building a fast reliable bike to keep me up in the pack battling or winning?Troy
Uncle Dale for his help at the rounds and keeping me chill at the start and giving me some pointers for a good start!
Aaron for fitting all my tyres and in time for each race after working all day!
Jordyn for registering me for most events on time so they would not be missed??
Tyron for lending me some parts and them shocks cause i definitely needed them this weeekend and cannot thank him enough!!
And of course the boys for the good racing and competition
Jae Dowsett
Flynn Burton
Caelan Campione
Andrew Soltoggio
Josh mquade
Zara porter
WA MX Championships
Round 4 Beverley MC
July 9th
4TEEN Riders had a mix of results, Blake Croonen 3-7-10 overall 4th and now is in 3rd in the Championship.  Colin Balshaw 9 - 10 - 8  for 9th overall and is in 8th in the Championship. Luke Capogreco dnf - 12th - dnf  for 14th overall and is in 16th in the Championship.
The next round of the Championship is quite a while away on August 27th. But prior to that there are a few events on the calendar including July 22nd Katanning Enduro, the Finale to the Junior Quad State Championships on July 23rd,  King of the Cross on August 6th and a Go Moto that includes all Junior and Senior Quad classes at AJS on August 13th.

4TEEN Industries
WA MX Quad Championships
AJS MC Round 3
June 18 2017
Beautiful conditions at the AJS Motorcycle Club allowed the riders to shine on the new layout, the club has done quite a few upgrades and this was the first State Championship round on the new track. The Quad class had a good 15 riders and 4TEEN Industries Blake Croonen started the day off well with 2nd place in the first Moto, unfortunately coming off early in the second moto, he rode hard to get up to 5th at the chequers putting in his fastest lap in lap 6. Race 3 Blake achieved another 2nd after some good passes and took overall 2nd place for the round. He is now in 2nd place overall for the Championship.
Colin Balshaw was the hero for the day, letting Blake Croonen use his spare bike to race, as Blakes bike suffered a mechanical problem. Colin rode very well, as the track got rougher, Colin's results got better and better, his consistency and Enduro racing obviously helping out with the rough terrain. 12th - 10th - 8th for an overall 10th place. Colin is now 9th overall for the Championship.
Round 4 will be at Beverley MC on July 9th.

WA MX Junior Quad MX Championships
Round 2 Bunbury
May 21 2017
Rider report Jakob Bosustow
What a great day of racing, the rain held off all day so was just freezing cold
Big congrats to Jakob Bosustow on your awesome racing today  with 1-1 -2 finishes for an overall 1st for the Round .Big thanks obviously to Myles  for all your hard work getting the bike ready and working hard to pay for it all , Luke Gaisford for training Jakob and pushing him when he needed it , Dale Markham for coming down and helping get the bike ready and welding it back up? and your support today... Aaron Bailey for all your help with the tyres , Troy Dorey and Lisa for all the late nights getting the bike tuned ready to go and of course everyone that came to watch and support him doing what he loves to do, and the other riders who came and raced today for the fantasic competition.

WA MX Championships
May 14 2017
Lightweight Motorcycle Club
14 Quads started Round 2 race 1 of the WA Quad Championships, the weather was a huge talking point all week prior to the event, with a forecast 20mm at one stage it was not looking good. As luck would have it, the front didnt come through til mid afternoon and it was just enough rain to stop the dust !
Blake Croonen starred for the 4TEEN Industries riders, with his best finish to stand on the podium in second place. He took 4th - 2nd - 4th for his 3 moto's amongst a strong field of exceptional riders. Blake showed great maturity and patience as the track roughed up and was able to put in 3 solid rides which secured his first podium finish at a WAMX Championship round. Blake is currently in 3rd place in the overall Championship.
Taylor Goldfinch from South Australia made the trip over to WA to compete for his 3rd event, this time competing on his own Quad and securing 10th 6th 10th for overall 9th for the round. Taylor enjoys the atmosphere of racing in WA and the level of his fellow competitors makes for a great event.
Colin Balshaw secured 11th 10th 12th for overall 12th for round 2, Colin had great battles in every moto and looks forward to Round 3 at AJS and Manjimup 15000. Colin is currently sitting in 9th for the overall Championship.
Round 3 will be at AJS Motorcycle Club on June 18th

4TEEN Industries
April 15/16
Western Australian Motocross Championships
The Motocross Championship series for 2017 kicked off over the Easter weekend in Kalgoorlie.
Saturday featured the fastest Junior riders on the grid to face off against friends and rivals. 4TEEN’s Jakob Bosustow launched out of the blocks with a holeshot in moto 1 only to suffer a mechanical in lap one giving him a dnf. Race 2 Jakob’s gate did not drop and he was almost the length of the start straight behind the pack when he took off, he fought through the pack to take 2nd place. Race 3 Jakob got an average start but passed a few riders getting up into second place and proceeded to put the pressure on Jae Dowsett, an amazing battle ensued where Jakob tried to make the pass, the crowd were all over the fence and watching at every vantage point watching the race of the day. Jakob put in the pass on the final lap and secured the victory.
Colin Balshaw’s results 12-13-12 for an overall 11th has gotten Colin revved up to put in some good results in future rounds. Colin has worked hard on bike setup but work schedules have seen Colin missing some bike time. He looks forward to future MX and Pony Express enduro’s.
Blake Croonen put in a good 3 moto’s with 5th 3rd 5th claiming 4th overall. Blakes 3rd in race 2 was inspirational showing off his potential as a quality rider at top level MX racing.
Luke Gaisford results 2nd 2nd 1st for overall 2nd place, showcased some of the best racing you are likely to see in Australia. Luke and Chris Bosnakis put on the show everyone had been waiting to see, a head to head battle between arguably the fastest 2 riders Australia has produced. With passes, pass back, side by side jumps, criss crossing around corners, the racing was sensational with a half a second separating the 2 in moto 1 & 2 while race 3 was Gaisford’s time to shine out front. If this was not good enough Luke was the 6th fastest rider overall on the track, with just MX1 riders Porter & Heliers, MX2 riders Adams, Birch and Davis having faster laps.

2017 ATV Race Season
4TEEN Industries Luke Gaisford
It is with great pleasure that we can confirm my  Sponsors for 2017. RK Chains, Motul, West Coast Motorcycles, Quads n Bikes, Oxyfresh, JC Performance Heads, Advanced Autologic, Chambers Group, Hardiman ATV, LSR Racing, Precision, 4Style Media, Precision, Rockingham Signwriters.
I am excited to announce that in 2017 I will be running Reiger suspension. I was fortunate enough in 2016 to trial the Reiger suspension in the Netherlands and visit the Reiger Factory and learn about the suspension that most Europeans Race with. I've received my suspension and had my first ride with it on my own Honda and I'm impressed !
Precision is a brand I've always run and I am happy to be using the new Precision Elite steering Damper for 2017.

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