4TEEN Team Owner
14 Luke Gaisford
  2011 & 2012 Australian Pro Quad MX Champion, 2010 & 2011 WA State Pro Quad MX Champion 2013 NT State Champion
2016Manjimup International MX 15 000 1st ,  2015 winner
2016 Summercross 1st (7 time winner, 6 in a row)
Lukes 2016 Race Bike is a Honda TRX 450R .
Luke is 24 has been racing since he was 9.
Local club is the Coastal Motorcycle Club based in Henderson. Luke has raced in every state of Australia and also travelled to New Zealand for an International meet, racing against their best and the USA’s best riders taking a creditable overall finish of 4th
Luke coaches up and coming racers to reach their goals, he specialises in high performance riders who seek to become State & National Champions. Luke runs the #14 and is the owner of 4TEEN Industries.
4TEEN Industries
Simone Gaisford
  Quad Motocross Racer & Basketball Player.
Simone has  been playing Basketball since she was 9. In WA Simone's team Blazers won 14 Grand finals in 22 seasons. Simone also was in the Rockingham High School Basketball Academy, they traveled to Singapore when she was just 14 and played against all the International Schools, being named MVP against the Australian International School of Singapore. She was signed by the WA State League at 15 but a game injury to her ankle saw Simone have to take 6 months off, where she started to take Quad racing Seriously and won 2 Womens National and 2 Womens State Titles.
In 2015 Simone raced the Madusa Quad in Quad Wars at the Brisbane show of Monster Jam.
After 3 seasons of Baskeball in her home in Queensland, Simones Basketball team went to their first Semi final ever. Although a very close and hard fought game, including Simone landing a 3 pointer in the dying seconds, they  lost the game by a point to the top team in the league.
Simone also is her partner Johans Pit person for his RC Car racing, and helps where she can track marshalling  for their club.
4TEEN Team Profiles
Johan Foord from Queensland
Will be racing his first full year with his Tekno NB48.3 and EB48.3 in the 1/8th Nitro & Electric Buggy classes, he will be competing in the Rocky Cup event Held in Rockhampton QLD this April then round 2 of the Australian National 1/8th Nitro Buggy Series in June, Johan will also be Competing in numerous race days throughout the year all over Queensland and Northern NSW. Johan aspires to qualify for the World Nitro Championships to be held in Whiteman Park WA in 2018.
4TEEN Team Profiles
49Luke Capogreco is the 4TEEN Industries Team Manager for 2016. This includes making sure everyone in the team
is representing the 4TEEN Brand, that everyone is training, entering events and giving all the riders good exposure through event reports. Luke has Podium at National Level and intends to race some events in 2016 and looks forward to the 2016 race season which much enthusiasm.
4TEEN Team Profiles
42 Zac Croonen
rides a Honda TRX 450, and has a background in Enduro, Zac raced the Desert Tri Series in 2014 securing 4th, Zac entered the WAMX State MX Champs in 2015 and also the 2015 Australian Quad MX Champs. Zac also competed in the 2015 Finke Desert Race
2016 its great to see Zac back on the Quad were hes competed at round 3 of the ATVWA Supercross and the AJS Go Moto

4TEEN Team Profiles
7 Taylor Goldfinch
Taylor's racing career began at 11 years of age on a Honda TRX90.
Taylor finished 4th in his first nationals in 2009 and 2nd at the 2010 national titles 90cc  class
In Taylor's racing career he has won every club series he has competed. Taylor has also won numerous SA and Victorian State Titles as a junior in the 90cc-110cc class and the 200cc-300cc class.
2015 results: Victorian MX state title intermediate class 1st, 1st SAQC mx series, 7th WA state round 6  and SAQC club championship.
In 2016 Taylor aims to compete in the full SAQC MX and enduro series, 2016 Victoria state title and 2016 National titles
4TEEN Team Profiles
29 Mike Croonen is the Veteran of the riders on board a Honda TRX 700cc, Showing everyone you dont need to be young to do this sport
Mike has raced 2 & 4 Wheels, Enduro, Motocross and North West Desert races,  2015 Finke Desert Race placed 9th in the over 40 years. He has also raced the Finke on a Motorbike..

4TEEN Team Profiles
04 Caitlin Squire
Age 12 Years Started riding age 4yrs on Ltz 50. She has been racing since age 7
2015 Australian Championships - Girls 125 class 2nd,  5th outright
2015 SA STATE TITLES 4th 125cc
2016 will see Caitlin contesting the Premier Junior 250cc Class,
riding her 2016 BMS Performance Yamaha Raptor 250cc
Proposed events 2016 Mildura Arenacross , Australian ATV National Titles 2016 South Australian ATV Titles 2016 Northern Territory ATV Titles  SAQC Series ASA Series Victorian Titles
4TEEN Team Profiles
30 Colin Balshaw On the Honda TRX 450cc claim to fame is the 2015 Beverley Dirt drags under 500cc Modified 1st place. Colin prefers Enduro riding but in 2015 raced in the WAMX State Championship Series and also the Manjimup 15000. Colin is the owner of 4style media and has heaps of videos online of racing, interviews, helmet cam footage. If you want to see more about the Quad racing scene, checkout out 4style.com.au
4TEEN Team Profiles
38 Blake Croonen
This year is Blakes 1st Year Racing Senior Quads, he has been riding with the 4TEEN crew throughout 2015 and competed at the 2015 Nationals in Alice Springs where he placed 2nd in the Junior 250cc under 16 years class., he is also the 2015 WA Junior Quad MX Champion
Blake will be on a Honda TRX450cc

4TEEN Team Profiles
03 Milly Squire from Burra South Australia is 12yrs  old
Started riding age 4yrs. She has been racing since age 7
2015  SA State Champion 125 class
2015 Australian Championship's Girls125 class 1st, 4th Outright
2016 will see Milly advancing to the Premier Junior 250cc Class
where Milly will race a 2016 BMS Performance Yamaha Raptor 250cc.
Proposed events 2016 Mildura Arenacross, Australian ATV National Titles, South Australian ATV Titles, Northern Territory ATV Titles, SAQC Series, ASA Series, Victorian Titles
4TEEN Team Profiles
15 Tyron Robertson seeded WA #3
28 years old and Rides a YFZ Yamaha 450cc
2014 raced in the USA  on the West Coast in the Yamaha Quad Cross Series gaining much experience over the 6 months, racing in the Pro/Am class.  2015 saw Tyron with his best finish  WA Pro Quad 3rd place.
2016 Tyron started the season with 4th at Summercross
Tyron is a member of the AJS Motorcycle club

Luke Gaisford profile
Simone Gaisford
Johan Foord
Luke Capogreco
Zac Croonen
Taylor Goldfinch
Mike Croonen
Caitlin 04
Colin Balshaw Profile
Blake Croonen profile
milly 03
Tyron Robertson profile
Tumbulgum Oct 30, 2016
Tumbulgum is a purpose built, one time use event track, previously being a natural terrain event, but in 2016 Dirt High Promotions stepped the track up to use the side of a quarry clean fill pit, with much of the track making use of the rise and fall of the large elevations. The downward elevations made the Quarry at AJS look relatively small and the spectator viewing areas showcased the skill of the riders. Tumbulgum also tried out some new timing which not only showed the results of classes but enabled lap and race times to be compared between class riders, showing the Quads faired pretty well with the top 2 quad riders in the top 10 all day against the 216 riders entered.
4TEEN Industries supported this event with Luke Gaisford 2nd Blake Croonen 4th Zac Croonen 7th Colin Balshaw 9th Mike Croonen 11th.
Luke stated the event was well run, alot of fun and a great way to finish of the race season with a fun event.

Supported Rider Report - Luke Gaisford

2016 ATV MX nationals
Wonthaggi Victoria
Oct 8th -9th

This years nationals had a whole new format of 6 moto’s across the 2 days
along with Super pole for Qualifying.

Qualifying saw the top 5 fastest go head to head on a one lap sprint to race off
for the fastest laptime. “Super Pole”
Luke had an electrical problem with his race bike in practice and quickly had to swap over
to his 2013 bike on which he practices on, needless to say he wasnt 100% confident he would even make top 5 on the ole girl but qualified 2nd, then went on to win the super pole, $250 and 3 points, and first gate pick for the next 6 moto’s.

He also knew he had put all his eggs in one basket with his race bike, as the 2013 wasnt expected to be ridden.

Starts werent the best, in fact race 1 he was about 13th around the first corner, he got back to 3rd with half a bike between him and second.

Race 2 & 3 the back to back moto’s saw 2 x 15 min moto’s separated by just 5 minutes gap from the chequers waving of the 1st rider til the gate drop of next moto...
This created lots of excitement with a splash of fuel, goggle swaps, quick drink.  Again Lukes starts suffered as 4th gear was shot on the ole girl
and he got a 3rd and 2nd in those two moto’s.

Work began to get the Race bike electrical problem sorted and fixed ready for Sunday,
we tried alot of things even swapping out stators, as this has been a problem in the past. Then a last idea found the problem, fixed the problem, tested the fix...
Swap alot of parts back from the 2013 to the 2015 and we headed back to the motel about 9pm.

The Sunday morning we were greeted with the track having been ripped and flooded with water... another decision, change tyres and gearing !
well that decision was a good one Luke took the holeshot, was in second for a lap or two, then first... held the lead and took the win !

Race 5 & 6 were again back to back and about 2 hours after the first Sunday race, the track was now dry, dusty and gale force winds had most of the pits
dismantled to save pit tents. Again change of tyres and gearing to suit the track.
Race 5 saw quite a bit of team racing out the track, with riders racing side by side blocking and rubbings racing was certainly in play.. Luke took a 4th.
Then in the final moto, Luke got up to second quickly, 2nd for the moto and secured the Overall 2nd place for the Championship.

The year has been a big one, WA State #1 3rd in China, 4ths in Holland, 1st Manjimup, 1st Summercross and 2nd in Australia

4TEEN Industries rider Taylor Goldfinch from SA traveled to Victoria to compete in the Victorian State Championshipson Sept 24th 25th. Competing in the Open Class amongst a field of exceptional Pro riders Taylor secured 4th overall. The track at Castlemaine threw everything at the riders with Mother Nature first Dusting then providing mud for the riders to negotiate. A big thanks to QRCV for hosting the event.
WA State MX Championships
after 6 rounds and 18 races
Team results are as follows
1st Luke Gaisford
2nd Tyron Robertson
4th Luke Capogreco
8th Blake Croonen
10th Colin Balshaw
16th Zac Croonen
24th David Norman

Round 6 like all this year was exciting with everyone trying to achieve an overall best possible finish for the season. Calculating points, unfortunate technical problems on the track, along with some crashes, it was all or nothing. Luke Gaisford arrived back from the Netherlands on Thursday racing at his best with limited time for bike prep after being away for 3 weeks, he was to race smart to secure the title for his sponsors. Tyron Robertson was on the charge in race 1 an accident put him at the back of the field, he fought on to collect some lucrative points, it was his amazing effort in race 3 that secured him 2nd overall. Luke Capogreco also didnt get everything going his way, but charged hard in the final moto to secure 4th for the season. Blake Croonen rode extremely well, stronger and more confident and it will be interesting to see him race in 2017. Colin Balshaw secured his goal of a top 10 finish in 10th, Zac Croonen had mixed luck finishing 16th, and David only racing 1 round 24th.
Taylor Goldfinch travelled over from SA, but unfortunately had a bike issue in qualifying and due to there being 22 entries missed out on competing. Devestated for him, but due to the rules there was nothing anyone could do to remedy this in the 2016 format.
Luke Gaisford & Taylor Goldfinch will be heading over to Victoria to race at the Australian Championships on Oct 8th & 9th.
Luke Gaisford reports from Netherlands
Sept 11 last round of the 2016 Dutch Quad championship and my last race over here. Put in a good time in qualifying with a 4th. Moto 1 got a good start and finished 4th. Moto 2 better start and the race was red flagged at the 15min. I finished 4th again giving me 4th over all for the day. Very happy with how today went thank you to Ingo and Leon for helping with the reiger shocks. Big thank you to Gerben from CRQF for the great bike and having the bike ready for every race. Valentijn and his partner for video the races. And everyone else that has helped me this weekend. So i did 3 races and finished 33rd for the season over here. Very happy.

Sept 3 Well yesterday racing didnt go to plan. Come together with another rider in qualifying and hit the ground pretty hard still was able to get 8th. Race 1 was on front row got an ok start but got bumped around and come together with another rider and crashed. Bent a steering rod which put me out of the race. Race 2 got a ok start and then started making my way past riders got to 4th tried for the pass to 3rd last lap but couldnt make it stick. Im happy with a 4th gives me something to work on next weekend.
August 20th -21st Luke Gaisford and Luke Capogreco flew over to South Australia for a weekend of coaching and passing on some skills to hopefully help the SA riders achieve their goals, whether it’s just to make things a little easier or a little faster.
Sunday was club run 4 and the 4TEEN Industries Challenge sponsored by Hudak Bakery & L&H Gawler for the SA Quad Club.
Ron Goldfinch put the event together at the Murray Bridge Motocross Track. and stated "everyone had a good time and enjoyed themselves"
The 4TEEN Industries Senior riders were in Division 1 Sponsored by the Peterson Family - Luke Gaisford(1-1-1-1) overall 1st Luke Capogreco(2-3-2-2)Overall 2nd and Taylor Goldfinch(3-2-3-3)Overall 3rd.
In the Junior 250cc class Sponsored by Johns Print 4TEEN riders Milly Squire(3-2-2-5)Overall 2nd and Cailin Squire(4-4-3-2) overall 3rd, in a group of 5 x 250cc riders Callen Holtham was the winner, Maddie Thomas 4th and Brie Medder 5th.
Senior Div 2 Sponsored by SFE Safe Fire Electrical 1st Ben Hooper 2nd Dion Curnow, 3rd Kyle Glazbrook
The demo Class sponsored by Hooves, Paws and Claws – 1st Josh Ahl , 2nd Yanek Rachwal,3rd Imogyne Gladwin and Chad Rachwal.
WAMX State Motocross Championships
Round 5
Southern Cross
August 14th 2016
4TEEN Rider results
Luke Gaisford 1-1-1 overall 1st
Tyron Robertson 2-6-3 overall 2nd
Blake Croonen 4-4-5 overall 4th
Luke Capogreco 5-8-11 overall 9th
David Norman 12-14-13 overall 12th
Colin Balshaw dnf- 11-9 overall 13th
Zac Croonen DQ 10 DNF overall 14th

A great weekend away was had by all the 4TEEN riders, with everyone camping at the track and sitting around the campfire with family and friends. Racing was amazing,  although the results sometimes dont reflect the effort and competition it took to obtain those overall positions.  Zac Croonen has missed a couple of rounds, and showed great speed in his races in round 5, while Colin Balshaw had a mechanical dnf followed by some intense battles for position in race 2&3. David Norman was in his first round for 2016 as he gets back into racing. Luke Capogreco highlite to the day was race 3 where he hit the front and had a major battle for 5 or so laps until his chain came off. Blake Croonen secured amazing results under a huge amount of pressure from riders, Blake was so close to a podium. Tyron Robertson had mixed results, racing through for great finishes even when things didnt pan out at the start. Luke Gaisford had 2 races where he was caught up in first corner tangles and had to race from almost last to the front. Luke Capogreco and Luke Gaisford will travel to South Australia next weekend to hold a coaching clinic prior to the SA Quad Club,  Club Run 4 and 4TEEN Industries challenge on August 21 at Murray Bridge, while the rest of the team will be in training ready for round 6 on September 18 at Byford.

4TEEN Industries
July 31
Milly and Caitlin Squire from SA were back in action this weekend at the Morgan mx track.
Track was tacky and held up with the traffic of sidecars and quads on it for the day.
The girls were racing in a grid of 7. Learnt alot from other riders. Most of which were 2-3 yrs older. Milly was locked in a tough battle for having a consistent 4-4-4 with an overall 4th. Was on equal points with 3rd but missed out on a count back . More confident with the start.
Caitlin got quicker every race and is doing an amazing job keeping up with the other riders on a quad that has a stock raptor 250 motor.
Great day.
you can check out more info on the Squire Sister Racing FB page

4TEEN Industries
South Australia

Port Pirie July 24
Milly, Caitlin and Taylor all competed in round 3 of the SAQC series.
Taylor put in some solid 20 minute motos. He had a minor mishap in the final moto and he thought he would try riding on 3 wheels after losing a rear wheel
Caitlin and Milly showed surprising improvement after not having much seat time lately. Milly closing the gap between her and 1st place (boy) and Caitlin riding a bike with a stock motor not far behind.
Caitlin finished 4th for the day and Milly 2nd

WAMX State MX Championships
Round 4 Shrublands Park Bunbury
July 24 - 2016
4TEEN Industries team rider results
Tyron Robertson 1st - 1st - 2nd overall 1st
Colin Balshaw 5 -8-8 overall 6th
Blake Croonen 7-10-7 overall 8th
Luke Capogreco dnf-3rd-3rd overall 11th
Luke Gaisford 13.-dnf-1 overall  14th
Zac Croonen - did not race
We had the privilege to see Tyron Robertson win his first State Round at Bunbury,  he cemented a 102 point hall by winning moto 1&2 and 2nd in moto 3, Tyron is quietly spoken and goes about racing with the minimum of fuss, his year started out pretty well at round 1 & 2 but then he suffered a dnf in one race at Coastal and a crash, this put a bit of a dampner on the season, but what a way to come back and shine, congratulations Tyron.
Colin Balshaw rode awesome he put it an amazing first moto with his best finish of 5th he took his best finish of the season with an overall 6th place. Colin sits in 8th overall.  Colin has put in a huge effort this year and he is looking forward to round 5 with much enthusiasm.
Blake Croonen also achieved his best finish this season with overall 8th, Blake is riding amazing, enjoying the training and always looking for more speed and bike handleability  his season so far Rnd 1 17th - Round 2 11th - Round 3 10th - now Round 4 8th. Blake had a pretty big crash in race 2 and came back with a good finish, well done Blake cant wait to see how you go at round 5.
Luke Capogreco  "Round 4 didnt start off as planed but finished the day with 11th overall went dnf 3rd 3rd. Sitting 4th in the overall still 2 more rounds to go for the year. Thanks to dad for all the help for the year. thanks @_vejaybirms for everything"
Luke Gaisford posted " Today didnt go
to plan 13th dnf 1st but still have the points lead. Well done to Tyron Robertson on taking the moto wins and his first over all well done man"
As usual if you want to see more covering the whole round's write up's checkout waquadmx.com

WAMX State MX Championships
Round 3 Coastal Park
July 10 - 2016
4TEEN Industries team rider results
Luke Gaisford 5-1-1 overall 2nd
Colin Balshaw 9 -7-10 overall 8th
Blake Croonen 8-10-9 overall 10th
Luke Capogreco 13-9-6 overall 11th
Tyron Robertson 10th -0-2 overall 12th
Zac Croonen - Mechanical dnf

An eventful day with 2 of our pro riders coming together in the first corner of the first race, and having to make up many positions after losing over a minute each, well done to both Luke and Tyron to make the best of it. Tyron's day didnt get better in the second race in the water hole created from over 70mm of rain that the track received in 3 days. He pulled a great race together in the final moto and finished a solid 2nd. Luke Gaisford took both the wins in race 2 & 3 and with his 5th in race one achieved second overall , he congratulated first time round winner Luke Ovens, we all should applaud these special moments. Colin Balshaw had a pretty good day with overall 8th, Colin didnt get caught out with any of the obstacles that this round through at everyone, well done Colin ! Blake Croonen got caught up in the second moto, but with a lap down came out with Luke Ovens and raced with great speed and skill for over 3 laps showing his ability to ride alongside the pro's, Blake is a great rider and we cant wait to see how he goes at Bunbury. Luke Capogreco had mixed fortunes for this round, Race 1 he was doing really well until a mishap down the bridge in awful track conditions sent him off the track, race 3 was a huge effort to get back to 6th, he rode amazingly passing a heap of riders, he will also look forward to what used to be his home track at the next round in Bunbury. Zac Croonen suffered a dnf for this round with a bike mechanical but sure with the state of the track, he didnt mind missing those 3 races, he will be back for round 4.
WAMX State MX Championships
Round 2 Noble Falls 19/6/16
4TEEN Industries
Luke Gaisford 1-1-1- overall 1st
Luke Capogreco 4-4-3 overall 3rd
Tyron Robertson 7-5-2 overall 5th
Adam Filbey 10 -12 -8 overall 9th
Blake Croonen 12 -13-11 overall 11th
Zac Croonen 13-14-13- overall 12th
Colin Balshaw 16-16-14 overall 15th

Excellent day at Noble Falls the forecast Rains were no where to be seen and the track was dry and fast. Luke Gaisford stated it was the best condition and fastest he has ever ridden it. It was 2013 since the quads have raced at Noble Falls and some of the boys hadnt ridden it at all so it was a good day to ride somewhere new and experience it at its best. There is now 2 weekends free of racing for the team to get out and have some fun riding and training before the season kicks into overdrive starting at Coastal Park on July 10th.
Hi race fans Capo here bringing you the pre race update on the team. The 4Teen Industries team has been hard at it training in preparation for round 2 at Nobles. The team headed out to Ducks Nuts Ride park and threw down some solid motos.
Luke Gaisford the current points leader has been working hard not only to back up his 3 consecutive wins at round 1 but to put the fastest lap time for the whole day. Luke Capogreco is ready to race after a 2nd place podium finish at Manji and to pick up some points to land him in the top 5 on the overall points leader board. He's keen to put the 4Teen yammy back on the box this Sunday.
Tyron Robertson has been hard at it training on and off the bike these last few weeks in preparation for round 2. He is currently sitting in 2nd place and plans on staying in the number 2 spot on the leader board. Zac Croonen has been training super hard after his time off the bike he put down some solid laps at Ducks Nuts last weekend, he's ready for the hard pack track at Nobles. Colin Balshaw had a great start at Geraldton and plans on adding some more consistent points to the leader board. He's ready for the gate to drop on Sunday to battle it out with the rest on the field at Nobles.
Now the 2 young guns of the team Adam Filbey and Blake Croonen, these guys have lots of potential and are ready to tackle whatever Nobles throws at them. Adam Filbey has had a great start to his first season of seniors, he's not afraid to get in and push the big boys round. He has much more left in the tank and plans on gaining some more points this Sunday, he's been training hard in preparation for round 2 at Nobles. Blake Croonen had a bit of bad luck at round 1 with a mechanical problem he's put that in the past and is on a mission not only to mix it up with the front runners but to show his big brother what he's made of, with a solid weekend at riding at Ducks Nuts he's ready for Sunday.
That's all from the 4Teen team, hope to see you track side at Nobles on Sunday and a big thanks for all the support from the fans.
4TEEN Industries riders competed in the Historic 2016 Manjimup 15000 International on Sunday 5th June.
The weekend started out looking like a bit of a mud fest over the junior day on Saturday, but the skies cleared and the track dried out ready for a spectacular start to Sundays racing.
Luke Gaisford took the moto wins in all 4 races, he secured the Overall, but it was the competition throughout the day for 2nd 3rd 4th and 5th that had everyone calculating results to follow the points probabilities into the final moto. Luke Capogreco with 6th 2nd 2nd 3rd took the overall 2nd place, while Blake Croonen 7th 6th 10th 7th for overall 6th place, Adam Filbey 8th 8th 7th 9th for overall 8th, Tyron Robertson had 3rd 3rd 3rd and was looking at a podium place until a mechanical in the final moto finished his day early, he took outright 9th. Colin Balshaw secured 10th place with 9th 8th 8th 7th for overall 10th , Zac Croonen secured 12th with 15th, 10th 9th 8th the 4TEEN Industries riders next event will be round 2 of the WAMX State MX Championships which will be held at the BSA & Harley Davidson Motorcycle Club Noble Falls in 2 weeks.
2016 China International Invitational ATV event

Luke Gaisford (5th - 1st ) 3rd Overall,
Luke Capogreco (8th - 6th )7th Overall

Amazing results from the guys, they enjoyed themselves, met a heap of great people who I'm sure they will be friends with for a long time.

Western Australian ATV Motocross Riders, Luke Gaisford and Luke Capogreco have accepted an invitation from the Chinese Motorsports Association to represent Motorcycling Australia in their International Quadcross event in Dongying in the Shandong Province this week, they will Fly out to Beijing  and race against representatives from Belguim, Holland, Italy, New Zealand and China. Racing will take place at the Dongying International circuit on 27th & 28th May and will be televised live in China.
Luke Gaisford is a multi Australian National Quad MX Champion and State Champion, recently kicking off the 2016 season winning the first Round of the WAMX State Motocross Championships held in Geraldton on May 15th. While Luke Capogreco secured 6th for the round having finished 4th in 2 moto's, on a grid of 20. The boys will return back to WA just in time to travel to the Manjimup 15000 International on June 5th where Luke Gaisford will attempt to win this event back to back, Manjimup is Australia’s biggest stand alone race meet which see’s International & National riders compete for more than $22 000 in prize money across all 2 & 4 wheel classes.
Luke Gaisford commented “We are extremely happy to be making this trip to China and this month will be one of the biggest in our racing careers, myself and Luke are honoured and proud to represent Australia and both of us want to race for the win”
This event is sanctioned under FIM and the Chinese Motorsports Association.

4TEEN Industries Race Report
WAMX State Motocross Championships
Round 1   15-5-16
The 4TEEN Crew had 7 riders on the grid at round 1 which included the older more experienced Luke Gaisford, Tyron Robertson, Luke Capogreco and then  Zac Croonen and Colin Balshaw in their second full season, while two youngsters Adam Filbey and Blake Croonen  stepped up this year into the senior ranks to not just take on the competition, but also the massive step to racing a 450cc Quad.
There were 22 riders entered for round 1 which meant qualifying was underway during practice, all the 4TEEN riders got through to race for championship points.
1 - Luke Gaisford 1 - 1 - 1
2 - Tyron Robertson 2 - 2 - 2
6 - Luke Capogreco 17 - 4 - 4
10 - Colin Balshaw 13 -12 - 8
13 Zac Croonen 14 -14 -16
15 Adam Filbey 12 - 19 -14
17 Blake Croonen 8 -7 - dnf
Overall the team is pretty happy, though a couple of things Luke Capogreco had a mechanical Problem which saw him ride the 4TEEN Honda, in race 1 in which through him off, hence his 17th, he now knows where he sits with fitness after having 2 seasons off.
Adam Filbey had a bike tangle on start of race 2 which held him up for a while, hence his 19th,  but otherwise the other 2 moto's raced solidly in a good group of riders, Blake Croonen was sitting in 5th in moto 3 when he had a mechanical which put him out of the moto, Blake shows heaps of promise with goal setting each moto.
Colin Balshaw rode awesome all day, bettering his results with each race and sits in top 10, Zac Croonen rode well for his first race meet back and has himself set some new goals heading toward the next race meet.
Tyron Robertson and Luke Gaisford trained hard in the off season, Tyron helping Luke get back up to speed after his injury hiatus, and Tyron training to increase his stamina for the full moto, with a good program in place they battled it out all day and claimed the 2 top steps on the podium.
David Norman was run ragged all day helping all the team riders with whatever was needed along with all the parents and friends that made the long trip to Geraldton, the boys all ride at Manjimup in the coming weeks and look forward to another weekend away.
The 4TEEN Industries Team travel to Geraldton this weekend for the first round of the WA State MX Championships.
Rookies Adam Filbey & Blake Croonen although having put their toes in the water at some events over the summer, will surely be chomping at the bit to finally suit up and get on the Senior Championship grid. Theres 22 Riders entered so they too will experience qualifying for the first time.
Colin Balshaw will be back on the track this season, not behind a camera but out racing, Colin has put in quite a big effort in the off season and if his training speed is any indication he should surprise a few people.
Zac Croonen is back from season ending injury during 2015, he has put in the hard work in the off season, both on and off the bike and looks forward to getting back out on the track and amongst the action.
Tyron Robertson although new to the 4TEEN Team, has been riding with the 4TEEN crew for about 12 months, saw what he liked and has joined the team. Tyron had his best finish of WA #3 in 2015 and hopes to climb the remaining 2 steps to the top of the podium in 2016.
Well a surprise for the team, out from behind the pitboard and back in the saddle is Luke Capogreco, he looks forward to a great season, with some amazing events on the horizon.
Luke Gaisford is eager for the season opener, his series in 2015 was cut short and he is hoping to continue his form that had him leading the 2015 State Championships prior to an injury while practising for Nationals. Luke is looking forward to seeing the results for all the riders in the team come Sunday evening.
Taylor Goldfinch, Milly Squire and Caitlin Squire will be attending their first round of the season at Port Pirie in South Australia, It's been a long summer and everyone is eager to be back racing. 

Hollywood's Pony express race report team Croonen
April 9th 2016

Yesterday we headed down to Wagin to participate in hollywoods pony express. A pony express is a tag team enduro over 4 hours where you and a partner team up to participate in a tag team style event. Here Blake and I teamed up for his first ever senior pony.
Got my crash over and done with early on the sighting lap. Thankfully it was all good just having to push bike back on all four. Wasn't the end of the bad luck tho. As this was a fund raising event officials decided to have a three legged race to our bikes to spread the field out in the dusty conditions. here I was the last to take off, just to soon find out bike wasn't running right. Air filter came that blocked from sighting lap that it wouldn't rev past 3 quarters throttle. Had to make manage, pushing through that lap to try keep in contention. Got through it still managing to get past a few bikes.
Blake was up next where he pushed hard that lap having one little roll over but still managed to put in a good run. By my second lap managed to sort out airfilter issue so was able to put in an awesome lap pushing hard. Conditions were dusty but still managed to pull back a few positions.
Everything went good for the next few laps pushing back through the field. By that time Michael murphy and the jay ward partnership had pushed a decent lead. Unfortunately these enduros are hard on the machines and these boys were let down by mechanical failure, causing them to need to redo a lap. This pushed us croonen brothers into first and went through to win the race. Was awesome track and can't thank the organisers enough and the other competitors. Feels good to be back on the bike and being able to push hard!
Zac Croonen
News from South Australia
Taylor Goldfinch Had a solid weekend at Arena x at mildura 26th-3-16
Pulled 2-4 holeshot winning all the heat races
Came to the final, pulled the holeshot and lead the final from start to finish
Easter Saturday night saw Caitlin competing in the 250 class for the first time as well as under lights for the first time. She had a great time improving with every moto, finishing in 5th for the night
Milly competed in her first Arena Cross event under lights on Saturday night. It was also her first race on her 250. The night wasn't without incident with Milly doing a pretty good attempt at a wheel stand! Was run over x4 motos plus a final. Learnt something with every moto and finished the night in 3rd
Feb 20 2016
Summercross 2016
Saturday Night Feb 20th saw the start of the racing season for motocross. Coastal Park hosted its twelfth running of the event, which converts the existing motocross track by using its two biggest features “Infield” which is a 75 ft table top, and “the bridge” by adding a step up, adding a whoop section, adding a step down and giving the whole track a new look.

This years track as quoted by Luke Gaisford was “fast and flowing and fun” 4TEEN Riders had mixed results with Luke Gaisford taking the outright win, his 6th win in a row at Summercross and 7 in total. Tyron Robertson experienced a spectacular off in the second lap of practise, a Quick fix to his bike before the first race, saw him race 3rd 3rd 4th but losing overall 3rd on a count back. Adam Filbey raced his first senior Summercross and took 7th 7th 10th, for an overall 8th, he experienced a first corner crash, but bounced back to finish the race. Colin Balshaw 10th 9th 8th finished Summercross strong with an overall 9th.

Junior Summercross Friday 19th saw Blake Croonen compete in the Junior 250cc Class, although showing amazing speed and getting in some great battles, Mechanicals stopped Blakes night and he was unable to register any points.

Luke Gaisford thanked his sponsors and Team riders for their support coming back from an injury that saw him off the bike for 4 ½ months ending his 2015 season. Luke set a target back in August to be back for Summercross and was happy to achieve his goals.

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FEB 18 2016
4TEEN Industries are proud to announce the 2016 4TEEN Industries Race Team

4TEEN Industries Luke Gaisford leads the team of racers and support. Luke Capogreco Rider & Team Manager, Colin Balshaw Rider & Videographer, Tyron Robertson Pro MX Rider, Zac Croonen MX/ Enduro Rider, Blake Croonen MX/Enduro Rider, Adam Filbey MX Rider, Taylor Goldfinch MX Rider, Michael Croonen Enduro Rider, Caitlin Croonen Rider, Caitlin & Milly Squires Junior MX Riders. Simone Gaisford RC Cars div- Johan Foord RC Cars Nitro.

This weekend 2016 Summercross at Coastal Park will host in excess of 150 Seniors on Saturday Night and over 100 Juniors on Friday night. Representing 4TEEN Industries will be Blake Croonen in his last event in the Junior 250cc Class before joining the senior ranks. In the Senior Class Luke Gaisford, Tyron Robertson, Colin Balshaw and Adam Filbey will be racing. Adam Filbey will be in his first senior MA event, watch out for the #94 as he has already shown great skill on the 450cc at Woodridge SuperX