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Feb 17 2017  
Press Release Sponsors Sponsor announcement
WA MX Championships Kalgoorlie Round 1
Dutch Championships Round 4 Rhenen - 9th 9th - Overall 8th
MX Airtime Quad Demo Beckum - Netherlands
Dutch Championships Round 5 DeHoeve 5th - dnf
Dutch Championships Round 6 Holten - 8th - dnf
European Championships Round 2 - Vellahn Germany  7th 4th overall 5th
Western Australian Championship Round 5 Bunbury 1st 1st 1st
Quadcross of Nations - Cingoli Italy Team Australia 6th place from 18 countries
Australian Quad Motocross Championships Australian Quad MX Champion 
Race results  1st 1st 1st 1st 2nd
Update 11
Luke Gaisford reports
"Big Surprise - I was nominated for the Motorcycling WA Sportsperson of the year, and I won, went to the MWA Night of Champions Dinner and managed to take out the award in a really strong field of nominees from across all disciplines of Motorcycling. Pretty Proud our Quad Motocross discipline was recognised.

Update 10

4TEEN Industries rider Luke Gaisford won the Australian Open Quad MX Championship on the weekend of Sept 30 Oct 1 at Murray Bridge South Australia. Luke took the Super Pole win for the 2nd year in a row, got 2 holeshots, 4 race wins and one 2nd.
Luke rode extremely well over the 5 races, the racing was fierce and competitive and coming out with the win,topped off the weekend.
Luke proudly represents his sponsors, and thanks everyone who has helped him in a long season of racing with 2 rounds of the WA Championships (4 wins from 6 races) 4 x Dutch Championship Rounds, 1 Round of European Championship 4th place and Team Australia for QuadCross of Nations in Italy on Sept 23/24th where the team came 6th from 18 countries.

He also thanks Dirt Rider Heaven and Ducks Nuts Ride Park for being supportive of his training schedule, The AJS Club, WJMC and Collie MC. he looks forward to a little time off, but knowing Luke he will be out at at a local club this weekend.
He commented, he loved meeting so many fantastic, influential and enthusiastic racers this year, Catching up with alot of the Juniors He coached from SA, and seeing youngster Jakob Bosustow fulfil his goal of winning an Australian Junior 250cc Quad MX Championship. Jakob is an exceptional rider and showed all at Murray Bridge the new generation of WA Senior racers is as strong as any other before today.
Luke stated on the podium his huge respect and gratefulness to have such amazing sponsors including, Reiger Suspension, Chambers Group, Motul, RK Chains, West Coast Motorcycles, Advanced Autologic, JC Performance Heads, Oxyfresh, Lonestar Racing, Hardiman ATV, Precision, Mindarie Motorcycles & Rockingham Signwriters. With specific thanks to those behind the scenes Jim Bob, Glen, Dad, Mum, Joe Maessen, Ricardo, Wout, Ingo, Simone, Johan.

Wayne for trekking across Europe and to Adelaide which made things so much easier on him. Thanks to The Soltoggios & Bosustows for getting Lukes Bike and gear to SA while he was overseas, and thanks to the Goldfinch family for a full pit set up in SA and having our family at their house over the weekend.
Thank you also to all the people who donated to Luke's Fundraising campaign, it was much appreciated and wont ever be forgotten.
Team 4TEEN as a whole is excited to see the enthusiasm of the Junior Racers coming through the ranks, and hearing how they all cant wait for next season and to compete at The 2018 Quad MX Nationals at Collie MC. Western Australia

Update 9
Vellahn Germany
European Quad MX Championships round 2

European championship in Germany this weekend. First 1 I have ever done and first time doing 30min +2 lap motos
It had rained a little over night on Friday and was a little muddy so I went out in the last 10mins of the 30min free practice.
First practice was 2nd fastest
Second practice was 6th
Qualifying I was 5th.
Sunday morning it had rained lots over night and it was very muddy. Only 2 riders did the warm up practice
3 hours after that we raced.
Ok start in about 8th few laps in 3 riders came together, I got past that, then was in 5th had a bike problem pulled over got back going in 7th finished 7th.
We only had a short time till the next race and the gate shut 15min before the race into the start area. I had to wait to borrow a power washer from someone as it was a muddy race.
I only just had enough time to wash my bike, cleaned my helmet and changed my gear and was eating on the way to the start area.
3 riders didnt make it in time so they couldnt race, being 2 of the points leaders for the championship was pretty devastating to see.
Moto2 5th off the start and finished 4th was passing 3rd and front wheel locked up pulled me into some mud slowing me down lots and couldnt catch back up
Got 5th over all missed out on 4th by 1 point.
As i didnt get to eat much i ran out of energy at the end of the moto. But was still alot of fun and wish i could do some more races.
Very happy with how i done and felt in the long motos. Wish i could come back and race some more rounds.
Big thank you to everyone that is helping me here and from back in Australia.
Overall results https://speedhive.mylaps.com/Events/1415638
Edit note – Luke has 1 round to race which is the final of the Dutch Championships on Sunday July 2nd at Westerbork.

Update 8
18- 6-17

Today was a tuff 1 at the Dutch Championship. Got 8th moto 1 and got a good start moto 2 was running 7th till coming together with another rider, few laps later having a small mechanical forcing me to dnf the race :( .
Off to Vellahn Germany next weekend for round 2 of the European championships (EMX Quad)

Thank you to everyone that is helping me here in the Netherlands

Update 7 
June 11 Dutch Championships round 5 Dehoeve St Isidorushoeve
This week Luke has trained at some deep sand tracks in Holland, ready for racing. The Dehoeve track  was a good surface, much like last week, though again it was very humid. Luke was away to 7th after lap 1, dropped 1 spot a few laps in, but managed to get up into 5th for the finish of the 25min + 2 lap moto. His bike was suffering at the end of the moto, and he tried to ready it for the second moto, though with his limited parts and budget, he wasnt going to risk the engine and 2 laps into moto 2, it was apparent he needed to pull in to the pits. Next race will be Sunday June 18
at Holten.

Update 6
On Saturday June 3rd Luke along with Ricardo and Ingo did a Quad demo at the MX Airtime event, the format is like a straight rhythm comp. Here are some pics from that event, along with some pics of Lukes quad. He will be racing round 7 of the Dutch Championships this Sunday June 11 at St Isidorushoeve

Update 5
Dutch Championship  May 25th
Round 4
Speaking to Luke during the week, it was quite easy to tell how disappointed he was that all his parts didnt arrive before the first race. He was on board a bike he bought which on further inspection was in quite bad shape, and with the help of many people was able to fix or borrow some parts to enable him to still compete. His parts are due for arrival today, but as Thursday was a public holiday, still to be confirmed.
Qualifying - Message from Luke "bikes not in good shape" bit cryptic, though found out it was a fuel issue, and hopefully fixed. He qualified 17th and going into the first race, hoped the problem was fixed, but didnt want to get jumped on, til he could see if the problem was sorted. 28th after lap one, saw quite an extraordinary ride from Luke, getting himself up into 9th position at the end of the 25minute + 1 lap moto. Always revs you up to race so well, so a bit more confidence heading into race 2. He was 15th this time around the first lap, and again made his way up to 9th. Speaking to Luke after the race, he was heat exhausted, and felt dehydrated, something he never suffers with in Australia. He said it felt like it was 35 degrees.
So at the end of this round Luke finished 8th overall.
Next race will be June 11 Round 7 of the Dutch Championships
St. Isidorushoeve

Update 4

Thursday May 25 - This will be Luke Gaisford first Dutch Championship round for 2017. Luke has been putting together a Honda TRX450 in preparation for racing, he had a ride on the weekend, and is ironing out some bugs, he is also keenly waiting the arrival of all his parts. If these dont arrive in time, he will be riding the bike as is and will have 9 days to get the Quad ready for the next round. Luke is staying with the Phoelich Family, with Ricardo  currently leading the Dutch Championships and second in the European Championships, he is a great training partner and friend for Luke to be staying with.
Event Facebook Paqe
You can follow racing through Live timing on Speed hive or race monitor 's
aps. Times will be confirmed on Luke Gaisford FB page on Thursday.

Update 3
Bit of a hickup to race preparation for State Round, Luke sustained an injury a couple of weeks ago, and being so busy wasnt looking after it, and it flared up causing him to need 100% rest so he could still fly out May 16th. He had to miss State Round, but rest worked and he was good to fly out. He Races his first Dutch Round on May 25th (Thursday Dutch Public holiday)Thankyou for the support Goldfinch Racing

Update 2
Luke has a huge week this week, getting everything packed, approx 60kg of parts he is sending over for the TRX Honda he will be riding, he trained hard over the weekend, and looks forward to State Round on Sunday prior to flying out on Tuesday May 16th. Luke also has Taylor Goldfinch Flying in Friday to race State Round 2, along with much to do after work every day this week. Lets hope Sunday is sunny and gear is easily cleaned and dried :)
Thankyou to West Coast Motorcycles, RevRite Automotive Bunbury, Jim Farr and Glen Ashworth for your support.

Australian Luke Gaisford heads to Europe in May to compete at the last 4 rounds of the Dutch MX Championships and 1 round of the European Championships in Germany.

Last year Luke had the opportunity to ride 2 Rounds of the Dutch Championship which saw 35 Quads on the start grid, 3 of the 4 moto's he finished a creditable 4th place in each, and he was eager to get back and race again in the 2017 season.

Luke works full time, and after 10 years with his employer negotiated the 7 weeks off he needed and started planning the trip. He has bought in the Reiger suspension and Tyres widely used in the deep sands of the Netherlands to get practise with, and also put in the training to get fitness levels up to compete in the 30 minute moto's. He thanks everyone that has been out training with him and supported his dream to get back to Europe.

Luke is completely funding his own trip but anyone who would like to contribute to help in his European racing ventures would be greatly appreciated, please message if you would like to help out.

Follow Luke on his facebook and Instagram for updates.

April 16
Kalgoorlie - WA MX Championships
Round 1
e Gaisford results 2nd 2nd 1st for overall 2nd place, showcased some of the best racing you are likely to see in Australia. Luke and Chris Bosnakis put on the show everyone had been waiting to see, a head to head battle between arguably the fastest 2 riders Australia has produced. With passes, pass back, side by side jumps, criss crossing around corners, the racing was sensational with a half a second separating the 2 in moto 1 & 2 while race 3 was Gaisford’s time to shine out front. If this was not good enough Luke was the 6th fastest rider overall on the track, with just MX1 riders Porter & Heliers, MX2 riders Adams, Birch and Davis having faster laps.
2017 ATV Race Season
4TEEN Industries Luke Gaisford
It is with great pleasure that we can confirm my  Sponsors for 2017. RK Chains, Motul, West Coast Motorcycles, Quads n Bikes, Oxyfresh, JC Performance Heads, Advanced Autologic, Chambers Group, Hardiman ATV, LSR Racing, Precision, 4Style Media, Precision, Rockingham Signwriters.
I am excited to announce that in 2017 I will be running Reiger suspension. I was fortunate enough in 2016 to trial the Reiger suspension in the Netherlands and visit the Reiger Factory and learn about the suspension that most Europeans Race with. I've received my suspension and had my first ride with it on my own Honda and I'm impressed !
Precision is a brand I've always run and I am happy to be using the new Precision Elite steering Damper for 2017.