Luke Gaisford
Simone Gaisford
Sept 28 2014
ATVWA Social & Racing Club Pony Express
4TEEN Industries riders Luke Gaisford & Luke Capogreco decided to get out of their Motocross
comfort zone and mix it up with the Enduro riders at  Woodridge North of Perth. The event was well attended with 70 + riders, each lap approximately 18kms looped through the 100+ acre Woodridge ATV Park. Luke & Luke entered Division 1 and Gaisford took on the start endeavouring to get the fastest laptime, successfully just beating the fastest 2 wheel Ironman rider. Switching riders each lap, Capogreco's bike had a minor problem and had to be retired, so the mighty Honda was used for the duration. Over 10 laps the finish was separated by only minutes with most riders finishing happy and content racing on a beautiful warm winters day.
Luke and Luke thanked the ATV Club and their fantastic committee for all their hard work putting on a great event. They also thanked their sponsors for helping with bike prep to get them on the start line. Rockingham Signwriters Hardiman ATV, Lonestar Racing, Fox Shox, Oxy Fresh Oxygenated Water
NV Engineering, Immortal ATV, Mumfords customs.
They also thanked Mark & Fiona Balshaw, David Norman, Kaiti & Celeste for timing and help in the pit change overs.
Junior Rider Adam Filbey and partner Blake Croonen won the 200/300cc class
Colin Balshaw entered the Ironman Quad Class but unfortunatel suffered a DNF
Zac Croonen and Ashley Mills 2nd in the Div 1 Quad  Teams

WAMX MX Championships
Lightweight Motorcycle Club
State Round 4
Luke Capogreco
After a good result in Round 3 and sitting 3rd over All in the points, we moved on to round 4 at Lightweight Motorcycle Club.
There was alot of rain during the week, we looked to be in for a wet and muddy day.
Had a good start in the first race and ended up in 5th place, there was much room for improvement in the next two races. Race 2 had another good start sitting in 4th place, after the 3rd lap started experiencing an electrical problem,  the bike wasn't running the best and being close in the points for 3rd, a DNF wasn't what we needed, I managed to keep the bike going and managed to finnish 8th
Race 3 we thought we had the problem solved, I got another good start but again suffered electrical problems and finished 7th with an overall result of 7th for the day.
I'm now sitting 10 points away from 3rd in the overall points standing, there's a little catching up to do and some hard days training to come, we now focus towards a good home track round 5 at Bunbury.
Huge thanks to .
4Teen Industries, NV Engineering, Immortal ATV, Mumfords customs, mum and dad

2014 Luke Capogreco 4TEEN Industries rider traveled to Geraldton to compete in Round 3 of the WA State Quad MX Championships. Luke had been off the bike for 8 weeks due to traveling over seas and he went to the round with an open mind that he may have lost some of his bike fitness, his 6 weeks of walking obviously held  him in good stead as he showed good starts & great endurance throughout all 3 moto's getting his best result in the final moto. 4th 4th 3rd with a 4th place for the day and now in third place overall at the half way point of the 6 round season. Luke thanked the 4teen Industries Team along with his DAD  for coming and helping him out, NV Engineering, Immortal Atv, Mumfords Customs Ryan Mumford, he appreciates all the help and looks forward to Round 4 at Lightweight Motorcycle Club on July 20th.

Tumbulgum Natural Terrain April 27/4/14
4TEEN Industries riders secure Tumbulgum Titles in Juniors and Senior Quads

Luke Gaisford decided to dust off his boots and Bike and compete in the Tumbulgum Natural Terrain Motocross event.
A Favourite amongst Western Australians from Pro's to Novice there is a class for all to compete in and a track that challenges and delights most riders.
Luke was advised to go have fun, he had no expectations after not racing since Summercross,
but still when the gate drops, Race face is on and Holeshot is the focus. Luke took the first holeshot with Anthony Pearce right on his back wheels, they raced like this the whole race, Anthony just not able to make the move for Luke to take the win. Race 2 was much the same with Bosnakis taking the holeshot and Luke and Anthony fighting for 2nd and 3rd, Anthony tried everything to make the pass but just couldnt get passed.
Race 3 Luke took the holeshot with Bosnakis in behind him, Chris making a Ballzy pass on Luke that impressed all , Luke taking 2nd and Anthony 3rd
Race 4 saw Anthony Take the holeshot with Bosnakis and Luke close in behind, Luke made the pass on Bosnakis and chased down Pearce for the shortened moto of 3 laps, racing side by side through the jumps and rollers, Luke tried everything to make the pass, but this time it was Anthony for the Win, with Luke 2nd and Matt Mckay 3rd
Overall Luke Gaisford 1st, Chris Bosnakis in 2nd and Anthony Pearce in 3rd.
Tumbulgum always displays competitive quad racing as the track really seams to suit Quads and this year was trully special.
Luke Stated " Thankyou to my parents, for washing and cleaning my bike and gear all day, thankyou to Luke Capogreco for helping with the bike, Kaiti and Celeste, OxyFresh Oxygenated Water for All their Support, Shane Carriage putting up a Huge tent, doing giveaways all day to the kids, Fox Shox, Hardiman ATV, Rockingham Signwriters., Had a ball today and thanks to My Mum who suggested I might have a heap of fun doing this event. "

4TEEN Industries Rider Adam Filbey who rides in the 200/300cc 12- U 16years class raced the Junior Tumbulgum event held on Saturday, Adam raced 3 races getting holeshot in each and taking the 3 race wins along with the Overall, Adam thanked his sponsors and Parents for making his racing possible.Adam is currently training with the 4TEEN Industries senior riders, getting bike time and some 1 on 1 coaching.

Luke Capogreco Event Report State Round 2 Kalgoorlie April 20 2014
Another good consistent state round done, finishing 4th overall cheers to 4TEEN Industries for the support over the weekend and also Immortal Atv and NV Engineering. Cheers Luke Gaisford or helping me out this year the hard works starting to pay off and Kaiti and Celeste for everything and the good road trip, and Lindsay for the Accomodation for our team.
Luke Gaisford stated "well done to Luke Capogreco after a 4th at round 2 of the WA State Motocross Championships, not getting the best starts but coming back stronger every race is showing the hard work is paying off"

4TEEN Industries rider
Luke Capogreco from WA South West town of Harvey rode in the
WA State Motocross Championships on Sunday April 6th
Race Results
Race 1 5th
Race 2 4th
Race 3 4th
for 4th overall for the round.

Coming back from an injury in the off season while doing some Cross-Training on the Water, Luke was happy to walk away with some good points from the Coastal Park circuit and looks forward to the next round on Easter Sunday at Kalgoorlie.
Luke would like to thank all of his sponsors Immortal ATV, 4Teen Industries and NV Engineering for the help and support they have shown him,
along with his family who he couldnt race without.

4TEEN Industries driving force Luke Gaisford commented " We were really proud of Luke Capogreco's results for the day, we knew in the last moto he was in pain, but he managed to ride through it and come away with good points and good solid start to the season."

Summercross 2014
Luke Gaisford took his 4th straight Summercross title Feb 15th and his 5th since being a Senior rider, Summercross held on a shortened track designed to enthrall some of the biggest crowds Motocross see's all year was no exception with Luke winning all 3 races convincingly.

Photo Credit with thanks
Richard Hathaway Photography
Photo Credit 4TEEN Industries